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Does this sound like you?

You have invested heavily in your own website. You also input all your property details into other property portals. These portals charge you to do this. They then keep property buyers away from your own website by keeping them at their own site and then charge you for every email enquiry you get through them and every phone call you get via them.

If instead there was a portal that charged you nothing to upload your property details, that charged you nothing for any leads, that drove users to your own website, would you be interested? And what if the upload was done automatically - computer talking to computer, rather than employees typing away all day?

That's where fits. For each property of yours on this site you get three links to your website with very relevant anchor text on every page it appears on (and it will appear on a huge number of pages). Ask a search engine optimisation expert how important that is for getting your site up the search rankings.

Here's what you need to get started:

  • a website of your own (we don't link to other portal pages)
  • a dedicated page on that website for each property you are marketing (this could be an html page or just a pdf or doc file)
  • a thumbnail of your logo stored on your website somewhere (it doesn't have to be visible)

You then need to ask the techies that look after your website to create a batch job that exports all the properties on there into an XML file, then presents that file on your website (rather like you would create a sitemap.xml for google). Ask them to schedule that job daily.

Once that has all been done, fill in the details below to let us know where your XML file is. We will manually check the details and then spider your site daily.

Also please link back to us - ask your website techies to put the following code somewhere prominent on your site - in the header, footer or front page:

<a href="" title="Houses for sale or rent" target="_blank">
<img src="" alt="Houses for sale or rent" />

This is what it should look like:

Houses for sale or rent

A quick word about hotlinking...

Yes we hotlink to images on your site - so everytime someone views your properties on our site they use a small amount of your bandwith. We feel this is justifiable as after all we are advertising your porperties for you, we don't charge you to do this and every one of your images that is on our site has a hyperlink leading potential customers to your site. We hope you find this agreeable.